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Arquitecturas sostenibles: la naturaleza y las culturas en Europa y América del Norte (Inglés)

List of figures vii
List of tables ix
Acknowledgements x
Contributors xi
1 Introduction: The paradoxes of sustainable architecture 1
Simon Guy and Steven A. Moore
Part A Modelling design 13
2 Hybrid environments
The spaces of sustainable design 15
Graham Farmer and Simon Guy
3 Theory, practice and proof
Learning from buildings that teach 31
Kathryn Janda and Alexandra von Meier
4 The social construction of ‘green building’ codes
Competing models by industry, government and NGOs 51
Steven A. Moore and Nathan Engstrom
Part B Responding design 71
5 The politics of design in cities
Preconceptions, frameworks and trajectories of sustainable building 73
Timothy Moss, Adriaan Slob and Walter Vermeulen
6 Equal couples in equal houses
Cultural perspectives on Swedish solar and bio-pellet heating design 89
Annette Henning
Part C Competing design 105
7 Safe houses and green architecture
Reflections on the lessons of the chemically sensitive 107
Jim Wasley
8 Revaluing wood 123
Ted Cavanagh and Richard Kroeker
9 Policing sustainability
Strategies towards a sustainable architecture in Norway 145
Marianne Ryghaug
Part D Alternative design 163
10 Green buildings in Denmark
From radical ecology to consumer-oriented market approaches? 165
Kirsten Gram-Hanssen and Jesper Ole Jensen
11 Leaky walls
Challenges to sustainable practices in post-disaster communities 185
Jamie Horwitz
12 Social research on energy-efficient building technologies
Towards a sociotechnical integration 201
Harald Rohracher
Conclusion 219
13 Reflection and engagement
Towards pluralist practices of sustainable architecture 221
Simon Guy and Steven A. Moore
Bibliography 241
Index 265


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