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Oportunidades en arquitectura del paisaje, jardines botánicos y (en inglés)

Preface ix
Acknowledgments xi
1. A Career in Landscape Architecture 3
History of landscape architecture. Landscape defined.
Duties of the landscape architect. Working conditions.
Employment figures. Job outlook. Salaries. A
landscape architect at work.
2. Training for Landscape Architects 17
Degrees needed. Choosing a program. Course of
study. Sample program. Licensing. Personal qualities.
Related job titles.
3. Urban and Regional Planning 25
Duties of planners. Getting the job done. Working
conditions. Job settings. Training. Personal qualities.
Opportunities for advancement. Salaries. Job outlook
for urban and regional planners. An urban and
regional planner at work.
4. Forestry and Conservation 39
Foresters, range managers, and soil conservationists.
National Park Service rangers. Parks Canada wardens.
Related professions. A forester at work. A range
conservation career. A career in the wild.
5. Historic Landscape Preservation 65
Colonial Williamsburg. A landscape architect and
garden historian at work. Landscape services at
Colonial Williamsburg. A lesson in topiary.
6. Landscape Design and Maintenance 75
Landscape designers. A landscape designer at work.
Gardeners and groundskeepers. Arboriculture. Golf
course management. Cemetery workers. Cooperative
Extension Service. Canadian agricultural services. Job
outlook for landscape design and maintenance.
7. Careers in Botanical Gardens and Arboreta 103
Functions of botanical gardens and arboreta. Job
titles. A professional at work.
8. Training for Careers in Botanical Gardens
and Arboreta 113
Education requirements. Internships. A student
intern’s experience.
9. Firsthand Accounts 121
Curator of plants, Longwood Gardens. Curatorial
associate, Arnold Arboretum. Outreach horticulturist,
Arnold Arboretum. Senior biologist, Arboretum of
Los Angeles County. Horticulturist, Missouri
Botanical Garden.
Appendix A: Professional Associations 137
Appendix B: Selected List of Botanical Gardens and
Arboreta 147
Additional Resources 157


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